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 Leadership Team

Michael Westover
President & CEO
215-474-1235 ext.227

Cynthia Allen, M.Ed.
Director, Academic Success
215-474-1235 ext. 221
Tina Baker-Gee, MA in Human Services
Director, Student Success Services
215-474-1235 ext.281
Victoria Lynam
Director of Operations & HR
215-474-1235 ext. 275
Maribel Ojeda
Director, Accountability and Program Evaluation
215-474-1235 ext. 219

                                                              Robin Robinowitz
Development & Communications Manager
215-474-1235 ext. 226

Tutor Coordinators
Scott Bostwick
Tutor Coordinator
215-474-1235 ext. 208
Vann Delaine
Tutor Coordinator
Learning Coaches
Leo McNeil, B.S.W.
Learning Coach
215-474-1235 ext. 233
Carolanne Mitchell, M.Ed.
Learning Coach
215-474-1235 ext. 250
Shaquanda Clemons
Senior Data Specialist
215-474-1235 ext. 213 
Lynette David
Evening Receptionist
215-474-1235 Ext. 229 
Jemal Davis

Facilities Coordinator

215-474-1235 ext. 231

Danielle Fredane
Development & Communications Assistant
215-474-1235 ext. 243 
Ashley Garnett
Daytime Receptionist
215-474-1235 Ext. 229 
Roberta Hodges
Administrative Assistant
215-474-1235 ext. 200 
Meghan Agnew, TESOL Certified
Family Literacy Instructor
215-474-1235 ext. 260
Michael Antosch, M. Ed. TESOL Certified
EL Civics Instructor
215-474-1235 ext. 235


 Mitchell Berger, Ed.D.
EL Civics Instructor
215-474-1235 ext. 279


Bess Davis, M.Ed.
Literacy Specialist, E3 Bridge
215-474-1235 ext. 214
Mark Edmonds, MA
215-474-1235 ext. 276
 Larry Hastings, M.Ed.
Instructor & Distance Learning Program Liaison
215-474-1235 ext. 238
Steven Hawkins
215-474-1235 ext. 218
Brian Jones
Shaina Kapeluck
EL Civics Instructor
215-474-1235 ext. 264
Veronis Lawyer


Si “Tracy” Li
El Civics Instructor
Melanie Melkovich
EL Civics Instructor
Jacqueline Monts, M.Ed.
Literacy Specialist
215-474-1235 ext. 204


Sr. Janice Owen
ESL Instructor


Debbie Pope-Williams
Literacy Specialist, E3 JEVS
Hanna Schlosser, M.Ed. TESOL Certified
ESOL Civics Instructor &In-House Professional Development Specialist
215-474-1235 ext. 222


Shawanda Spivey
 Duane Waters, M.Ed.
Literacy Specialist, E3 Communities in Schools
Lakisha Wilford-White
Literacy Specialist, E3 Congreso
 Mary Wilson, M.Ed.
Family Literacy Instructor & In-House Professional Development Specialist
215-474-1235 ext. 215

Samira Woods, MA
215-474-1235 ext.236